Friday, January 18, 2019

Sick DAY and Friday night foodie planning

It's the first sick day from the new daycare!  I think that was pretty good - we made it nearly TWO whole months without getting sick.  Max is feeling much better today already, so hopefully that continues and we are healthy by Monday.

It felt like the weekend since I had both kiddos home today, and my Dad even stopped by for a few hours to keep us (me) company and play a bit.  Max woke up early to keep me company with my morning workout & he decided that I needed to run in addition to my cardio workout video.  He is quite convincing, and I do like to run, so we added another mile-ish on the treadmill.

The highlight of the day was that Max saw the garbage truck AND the recycling truck pickup AND then we saw the school buses at the Elementary school across the street twice.  It was pretty amazing.

Super smiley Eleanor thought it was silly that she should take anything longer than a 20 minute nap today.

And she also wants to show you she has been working on her abs.  Seriously, the girl tries to do sit-ups all the time. 

Onto the most exciting part of my Fridays... meal planning for the upcoming week!  I actually do look forward to planning this out, if I haven't mentioned that before.  Last week was sort of a flop in terms of sticking to the plan, but we rearranged things to work (we did not run out of food or anything crazy).

Here's what I am thinking for this week... the thing we are making for Foodie Husband this week is French Onion Soup.  He's pretty pumped to try that one.  Tuesdays seem to be turning into taco night.

Saturday: brunch-grilled cheese
French Onion soup w/toasts and salad (or swap for Sunday eve)
Sunday: brunch-pizza w/pesto and roasted tomatoes
Pancakes with berries, almond butter and bananas
Monday: leftovers / spinach salad + tofu
Tuesday: chicken verde / black bean tostadas
Wednesday: baked chicken and green beans w/lemon-dijon-tahini sauce
Thursday: cereal night
Friday: leftovers / frozen pizza / salad

I ended my day the best way.. baby cuddles with my chocolate nighttime treat.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Saying goodbye to our first home

Wednesday night we drove down to our old house since we will be closing soon.  Jason and my Dad took a load of last random stuff from our garage.  And then we all played downstairs for a little while one last time - another supper of snacks (think maybe I should make real supper tonight?).

It is a little bit sad leaving our first home.  Jason and I bought it before we even were pregnant with Max.  And now we have both Max and Eleanor - an entire little family.  We have lots of memories in that house.

A few things I will miss:
* Distance to the playground and ease of getting there via sidewalks  - two of them, actually
* Location among a bunch of walking/biking/running trails
* Little storage spots all over the house (in our new home, I'll actually have to buy smaller storage nooks)
* The backyard patio was covered with a full roof - the perfect spot to sit while it rained.
* Neighbors - SO nice!

Cheers to our new place & the new memories we'll make here!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Fun times being sore

Day 2 of the new strength workout and I am a little bit sore.  I can feel all of my muscles and I love it.  I am a weirdo that enjoys being sore.

Jason had a work thing so was gone again, so the kiddos and I had a fun night of snacks for supper and running around downstairs. Max even helped me fold diapers for a while.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Strength training - it's a love hate thing

I started a new little program to boost my strength.  I started with some Plyometrics and I remembered how much I love Plyo!  I definitely am a little bit out of shape to do that sort of stuff, so it is a very good thing that I will be doing these things daily.  I did a fast 1 mile on the treadmill first as a warm up.  In my head, I only want to run and these workout videos are lame.  But then when I actually do it, I really have at LEAST as much fun as a treadmill fun.  Plus, the only injuries I have ever had as a runner came from me having weak spots in my hips and/or legs.  This should totally help that. After the workout it was clear I need to do this about 421 times more before I am proficient.:)

Today I went to our old house to take care of a few things before we officially sell it.  Almost there!!

It looks like Max had a fun time at school while I was busy.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Low Key Sunday, errands, and a trip to Michaels

Max is a pro at running a way from me while we are trying to get dressed for church.  He loves going, but when you are a two year old, it is just so fun to run away...

Ms Eleanor wanted to see what this football hype is all about.

But then we decided it would be more fun to go to Michael's to get our 2019 planner (50% off yeah!) and check out some fun home stuff.

Neither of the kiddos wanted to go to sleep tonight, so it is WAY to late and I am tired.  Bedtime!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Saturday Adventures + we tried fondue

My Dad came over to play again - after playing at home for awhile, he took Max and they went to the nature center again & Max saw a whole bunch of different animals. 

We made a fun dinner tonight.  Jason requested fondue.  In addition the cheese-overload there was ham, green beans, bread, and apples to dip.  Making the fondue felt a lot like making macaroni and cheese without the noodles - and fancier cheese.

I had a great helper with the green bean chopping (breaking).

Max is getting so big - he totally looks like a little boy rather than a toddler now.

He also knows how to do some pretty good duck lips already haha. We love being silly.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Visitors & oh hey there, it's meal planning time again

Last night was a ton of fun because my brother and his girlfriend came over.  They are normally fun, but this time they also brought presents too.  We had a fantastic time playing.  Eleanor went to bed fairly soon, but we let Max stay up a little later than usual since he was having such a great time. 

Onto adulting - It is meal planning night where I get my grocery list all ready to go.  Here is what I have planned out for the week.

Saturday: brunch-leftover soup
fondue supper incl. bread, apples, ham, and veggies
Sunday: brunch-pancakes or muffins + fruit/applesauce
pizza with tomatoes, pepperoni, mozzarella
sauteed mushrooms, spinach salad
Monday: leftovers / spinach salad
Tuesday: mexi-style pasta
seasoned ground beef or chicken to add-in
Wednesday: vegetarian stroganoff with egg noodles
Thursday: cereal night
Friday: baked chicken and steamed broccolini

Tomorrow's grocery plan is both Aldi and Target.  We'll see what other shenanigans we have time for throughout the day.  I am looking forward to trying out some fondue, even though I won't have much since it's pure cheese = not exactly healthy.  I think it will be fun to try.